31 Days of Food Books

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I’ve been a bit quiet lately. Finishing my second book felt like the last few miles of a marathon. I’ve accumulated at least 10 pounds of “book fat.”

As I complete the bibliography and “suggested reading” list amid stacks of books that I amassed during the course of this project, I’ve decided it’s time for some reviews. Starting December 1st, I will be posting a write-up on a different food-related title every day through January 1st. This isn’t a “best of” list or even limited to books from the past year. They’re simply books that piqued my interest that I recommend for various reasons. I haven’t completed the final list yet, so feel free to hit me with suggestions.

About katflinn

Kathleen Flinn is the author of "The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry," "The Kitchen Counter Cooking School" and "Burnt Toast Makes You Sing Good." All are published by Viking/Penguin.

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