Recipe: Cabbage & Chicken Stir-Fry

       Breakfast: A simple omelet that we shared with a bit of asparagus, a few cherry tomatoes and basil (from my plant). Cost: $1.74.   Snacks: We finished off our cottage cheese today, made a dent in our applesauce and a box of Ok-Mok crackers. Total cost for the day for meals, snacks, coffee at breakfast and dinner for our friend: $11.26 Observations: This week I've realized how reliant I am on what’s in my … [Read more...]

The Gumbo Pages

In advance of Mardi Gras, I really would like to point everyone to one of the resources I've relied on for years: The Gumbo Pages. Run by Chuck Taggart, a native of New Orleans later transplanted to Los Angeles, who has hosted a couple of gumbo-themed television shows. I first wrote about The Gumbo Pages in late 1995, when I edited a magazine called Internet Underground. Yes, you read that right -- he's been at it since … [Read more...]

Pike Place Market Artisan Food Festival

I'll be signing books and offering a quick demo on knive skills at 4 p.m. Saturday, September 25th at the Pike Place Market Artisan Food Festival. You can find me at the Slow Food Seattle booth. There's going to be some great food, live chef demos, a beer and wine area and music by buskers. Slow Food will also be showcasing some of my good friends in the Seattle food world during the day. Here's their lineup: Saturday, … [Read more...]