Paperback goes on sale today!

It's official: the paperback of The Kitchen Counter Cooking School went on sale today. I'm pretty psyched about it being made available in paperback as this opens up the message of the book to a wider audience, plus more book clubs are likely to read it. I've had amazing feedback from the clubs that took the plunge and tackled it in hardcover. Rather than sit around and simply discuss plot or which characters they liked … [Read more...]

In Seattle? Come to a knife sharpening party for the paperback launch Sept. 25th or 26th

Normally, I try to avoid inviting dull party guests. But we're having a party and your knives are invited, especially the dull ones. The paperback of The Kitchen Counter Cooking School goes on sale Tuesday, September 25th. To mark this extraordinary occasion, I'll be doing two events in greater Seattle. The first will be at the fabulous culinary book store, The Book Larder, on the day it goes on sale. It's going to be a … [Read more...]

Reader Q&A: Why Ditch Table Salt?

I was inspired by The Kitchen Counter Cooking School, but I was wondering why you're so against iodized table salt? I've heard that people need a certain amount of iodine so it is added to salt because it's impossible to get otherwise. Any clarification would be helpful! - Sally B., Madison, Wis. Kathleen says: I've had a few people ask about this, and even one person posted a comment on the site. So let me clarify. I'm … [Read more...]

How to Cut an Onion [video lesson]

My book club read The Sharper Your Knife and we all loved it. So I got a copy of The Kitchen Counter Cooking School and I was so inspired, I went ahead and got the chef's knife from block set we received as a wedding gift 11 years ago sharpened for the first time! I've read through your description on how to cut an onion, but I think I'm doing something wrong. Do you have any photos of this process online … [Read more...]


Officially known as "uncorrected proofs," a box of bound galleys for the new book arrived today. The inside design is lovely, too. Amazon officially listed it on the site this week, too. Crazy. We're in full book tour planning mode right now. If you'd like to see if we can set something up in your 'hood, drop me a line. … [Read more...]

The Kitchen Counter Cooking School

Ok, so it's official. Here's the cover and the final title of the new book. Although originally titled Changing Courses, it has been shifted to The Kitchen Counter Cooking School: How Nine Culinary Novices Transformed Into Fearless Home Cooks. The book will debut in October 2011, and I'll be on book tour most of the autumn. The book follows a project in which I tried to understand why people don't cook at home. I enlisted … [Read more...]