The Kitchen Counter Cooking School

Ok, so it's official. Here's the cover and the final title of the new book. Although originally titled Changing Courses, it has been shifted to The Kitchen Counter Cooking School: How Nine Culinary Novices Transformed Into Fearless Home Cooks. The book will debut in October 2011, and I'll be on book tour most of the autumn. The book follows a project in which I tried to understand why people don't cook at home. I enlisted … [Read more...]

Shameless marketing directed to gullible parents

While doing research for the next book, I stumbled across a story in today's Brandweek magazine about a clever new campaign by Chef Boyardee. They claim that by adding a small amount of whole wheat flour to the pasta in its canned products suddenly makes them incredibly nutritious! It's great for your kids. Hence, the new tagline: "Obviously Delicious. Secretly Nutritious." Says Brandweek: ".... the TV ad shows a father … [Read more...]

Recipe testers wanted. Bad cooks welcome.

I'm hoping that the name of my second book says it all: Changing Courses: A Mission to Get People Off the Couch and into the Kitchen. Like my last book, this is a memoir with recipes. This time, instead of the classic and complicated French cuisine that I learned at Le Cordon Bleu, the recipes are all straightforward numbers designed for home cooks. Most of the recipes incorporate a lesson, from knife skills to roasting … [Read more...]