Thanksgiving: Best Guides Online

I had to stop into my local supermarket yesterday to pick up two bottles of Prosecco -- and a pack of new kitchen sponges as that's the kind of thrilling dichotomy that rules my life. Then I saw it: the huge bin of frozen turkeys. It's that time of year again. A select few know about my slightly disturbing fascination with supermarkets. What's in food stores and what people choose to purchase intrigues me endlessly. So I … [Read more...]

Food Links: Great Puttanesca & the High Cost of Top Chef Texas

The amazing Molly O'Neill always has something cool going on. Her latest offering: Food Writing 101, a five-week virtual seminar and lecture series. It's meant to be a virtual boot camp for both beginning food writers and established writers looking to polish their skills.  It's described this way: "Traditionally, writers learned the basics of reporting, writing and pitching their stories in newsrooms, magazines or from … [Read more...]

Food Links: DIY Foods, What’s Wrong with Kids Lunch

So here's the thing that I like about conferences. The panels and keynotes spark a bit of interest, but the real action happens in the hallways or at the hotel bar. BlogherFood in Atlanta last weekend provides an excellent case in point. Bailing out of a session, I wandered outside and smacked right into the women behind the spectacular DIY project Charcutepalooza, two food writers who came up with an idea on Twitter to … [Read more...]

Food Links: Knife making, spam cooking and the diet of Mac users

I've spent a lot of time on planes recently crisscrossing the country. Thanks to the miracle of in-flight Wi-Fi, this means I've spent a lot of time online. Here's a few nods to stuff I've found on my favorite food blogs in the past week. The Seattle Food Geek had the rare opportunity to spend time in the workshop of famed knife artisan Bob Kramer. Francis Lam over at Salon dedicated an impressive amount of space to … [Read more...]

The Moral Case Against Foodies: The Foodies Respond

Every so often, someone mocks the execessive nature of "foodies" and the culinary world turns collectively defensive. The most recent offering is a 4,000-word article titled The Moral Case Against Foodies by B.R. Myers published in this month’s issue of The Atlantic. Subtitled "gluttony dressed up as foodie-ism is still gluttony," the story reads like a hit piece. He wanders from topic to topic, from the exotic … [Read more...]