Recipe Testers

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It’s hard to write a fool proof recipe. For my first two books, I assembled a corp of recipe testers that grew to more than 125 people spread out across nine countries.

Although rated recipe sites are all the rage (known as “group sourcing” in technical parlance), I find that the star ratings don’t often reflect what’s really going on with a recipe. If you’ve ever read the comments, you’ll see notes such as “I changed everything about this recipe and didn’t like it, so I gave it one star” to “I changed everything about this recipe and it was great, so it gets five stars.”

CookFearless is about highlighting deeply reliable information and recipes. So, if you’re up for it, that’s where recipe testing comes in. I need a big group of people of varying skills to test recipes whether they are written especially for this site, an upcoming book or recipes from other sites that we want to feature on CookFearless.

Join into the recipe testing crew and you’ll get learn to critically and objectively evaluate recipe. While this is a volunteer position, each month I offer prizes via a lottery to the participating testers. The more you test, the greater your chance of winning. Past prizes have included Wusthof knives, Calphalon cookware, gadgets, signed cookbooks and more.

Interested? Email me with your information to get started.