Me, only older

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Today was my birthday in Paris. I am officially in my 40s now. How did this happen? We went out for a nice dinner at La Taverne for a big tray of oysters with a sharp sauvignon blanc, followed by a huge skewer of grilled langoustines. It’s kind of a bizarre place with clocks everywhere. A nice, but pushy piano player sold me a CD of his music. I may be getting older, but I’m still a pushover.

My goal before my next birthday – lose 20 pounds. I am walking around the city amid all this thin French women and I am starting to get a complex. Not to mention, I have an entire wardrobe I can no longer wear due to the quantities of butter, pork, red meat, bread, cheese and wine that I have put into my body in the past few years. Of course, I’ll be starting that diet when I get home…

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