Food Links: DIY Foods, What’s Wrong with Kids Lunch

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Michael ProcopioSo here’s the thing that I like about conferences. The panels and keynotes spark a bit of interest, but the real action happens in the hallways or at the hotel bar. BlogherFood in Atlanta last weekend provides an excellent case in point. Bailing out of a session, I wandered outside and smacked right into the women behind the spectacular DIY project Charcutepalooza, two food writers who came up with an idea on Twitter to spend a year on old-fashioned ways to cure meats. (I’m so writing more about them later.) A few more:

  • Food for Thoughtless: After spending lunch with Michael Procopio, I spent hours reading his articulate, well-constructed posts reflecting me engaged for hours. Few people can write as engagingly about something as seemingly simple as toast. According to a conversation we had at lunch, I expect a future post on John Wayne’s… um… well, you’ll just have to subscribe and find out.
  • PunkDomestic: An aggregator of all kinds of DIY-foods, from those attempting to perfect their home brew to make their own bacon to a wild assortment of canning aficionados.
  • FedUpWithLunch: It’s a simple concept. Take a photo of the disturbing food offered up to the next generation of America. I met the woman behind it, a kind, generous person who devoted a year of her life to the idea that kids deserve something better than processed chicken nuggets and fast food.
  • MerryGourmet wrote a thoughtful post about what she’s learned to expect from food conferences. Most people write about their great experiences and the people they met, but leave out those awkward moments. She wrote honestly of sometimes feeling left out by the “cool kids,” bringing back icky memories of high school days. Which reminds me, f you’re heading to the IACP conference in Austin next week and don’t know many other attendees, drop me a line.

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  1. Great links. Am totally into the charcutapoolza! So cool. thanks for sharing.

  2. I’m so anxious for the new book that I keep coming back to your blog and I am really digging it lately. Thanks. You keep me supplied with great new stuff to read.

  3. Thanks so much for the mention! So wonderful to meet you as well!

  4. You might be the coolest chick ever. Thanks for giving Charcutepalooza a little love. Can not wait to have another one of those hallway sessions with you. Also, I’m nursing an idea and want to pick your brain. Will email you after Austin. Have a blast!

    Kim xo

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