Recipe: How to Make Vegetable Stock

Despite the name of this recipe, there’s actually not such a thing as vegetable stock. By definition, stock is made from simmering bones in water. No bones? Then it’s broth. So, let us commence with vegetable broth. In my own kitchen, I collect and save the trimmings from the likes of carrots, celery, onions, the green tops from leeks and spring onions, stems from herbs and the skins from onions and garlic. If I am … [Read more...]

Recipe: Go with the Flow Lentil Soup

I fell in love with lentil soup out of a sense of obligation. On a cold winter day on an early trip to Paris, I stepped inside a small bistro to get out of a frigid winter mist. Why ever did I book a trip to France in January, I wondered? Shivering and cold, all I thought I wanted was a cup of tea. But it was lunchtime and people were eating. I felt compelled to order something to warrant occupying a table. Low on cash, I … [Read more...]

Ramen Soup Revisited: A Flexible, Healthier Strategy

It’s hard to beat the guilty pleasure of instant ramen. The first step to making it a more healthy dish? Throw out the flavor packet, which is little more than an artificially flavored salt lick. Use miso to flavor the broth. I buy a tub of miso paste at health food or Asian food stores for about $4 and use it for soup and salad dressings. Packaged instant miso soup works well, too, and you can find it most grocery … [Read more...]

Recipe: Chicken Noodle Soup

This is a variation of the recipe that appeared in The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry. It’s a straight-forward recipe that can be adapted to whatever you might have in your house when the dark specter of the flu or a cold appears. It employs a sturdy dose of garlic as the root has long been thought to have an array of medicinal qualities, including killing bacteria. Bone-in chicken is important as it adds … [Read more...]

Recipe: Carrot and rosemary soup

  This savory and sweet soup can be served at any temperature, but it’s excellent chilled. Immersion or “stick” blenders are great for soup because you can plunge them directly into the pot. Hot soup can create a vacuum in conventional blenders, so if you use one, let the soup chill slightly first, and then take the cap off and cover with a towel. Running soups through a food mill is a low-tech option. If you have … [Read more...]

Recipe: How to Make Basic Chicken Stock

by Kathleen Flinn Learning to make stock is a kitchen fundamental. Given that a quart of stock averages $2.25 in the supermarket, it's a worthwhile investment to learn to make it on your own. This is especially true if you're a fan of roast chicken, either homemade or store-bought. You can literally just toss the the bones into some water with a handful of vegetables and voila - you've got two quarts of stock essentially … [Read more...]

Recipe: White beans and greens soup

It's not as if I'm totally rejecting French cuisine. But I have done something in the past three weeks that will likely irk my French chefs. I've shifted my diet to about 85% vegetarian and I've drop-kicked butter from my diet. The one-two punch of constant traveling on book tour plus the holidays hit my scales hard. But as of today, I have lost eight pounds since early January. Keeping up with my New Year's resolution … [Read more...]