Strategies for Eating on a Budget

So, officially, we did three days of our Hunger Week challenge last week. Here are the results: The Strategy: I wanted to make our food healthy and filling, as well as inexpensive. A few rules for saving money, many of which we employ regularly. Don't rely on “white” food. Whole wheat pasta and white pasta costs roughly the same. Rely on realistic and true portions. Americans have “supersized” our servings, … [Read more...]

Recipe: Mushroom-Lentil Paté

One day during summer break in high school, my mother took me to lunch at the posh The Longboat Key Club, where she worked in HR at the time. Lunch at "the club" meant finger bowls, white linens and posh French food. The first course was chicken liver paté with toast points. I grew up on a farm. We did not eat paté, although my mother clandestinely padded the occasional dish with chicken livers, which came free from the … [Read more...]

Ramen for the Recession

A Reuters story today notes that a recession is a great time for instant noodle makers since people perceive the likes of instant ramen as a good value that doubles as comfort food. I like the guilty pleasure of instant ramen. But straight from the package it's just a load of salt and fat with little nutritional value. Here's a recipe that takes cues from a recipe in my friend Pam Anderson's book The Perfect Recipe for … [Read more...]