Recipe: Flint-Style Coney Islands

I don't care of if I have a fancy French culinary degree. I'll stand on top of a mountain top if need be and shout it. I LOVE A GOOD CONEY DOG! Yes! That involves a hot dog. Possibly non-grass fed beef. White bread buns. I'll say it loud and proud, for all the world to hear, as my heritage demands it. Despite the name, by all rights credit for this dish must be directed to immigrants who arrived in Michigan in the … [Read more...]

Steak: Sous Vide vs. Grilled

                    Last night, our neighbor, Dr. Vince, invited us down for dinner. “We’re doing a competition,” Dr. Vince told Mike. “Steak two ways." Now in classic French parlance, this might mean steak with two sauces, or, say one pan-seared and the other grilled. In this case, it was sous vide vs. conventional grilling. For those unfamiliar, sous vide is … [Read more...]

Recipe: Mushroom-crusted Steak with Sauce

Boeuf en croûte champignons avec sauce vin rouge Mushroom crusted steaks with red wine sauce This classic red wine sauce can accompany any kind of red meat. Trim extra fat or sinew off the meat to use as the basis of the sauce or toss in a few pieces of stew meat. I use a mix of seasoned breadcrumbs and panko,Japanese breadcrumbs. This pairs well with mashed potatoes. Red wine sauce 1 tablespoon olive oil 2 to 3 ounces … [Read more...]

Recipe: Olive-marinated lamb with white beans

This is my favorite from The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry. In the book, it's listed by its French name, Agneau grillé mariné aux olives, artichauts et tomates. High quality olives make all the difference in this dish, so don’t skimp. Go to a deli and get a glistening Mediterranean mix. The lamb should marinate overnight in the refrigerator, and be brought back to room temperature before grilling. If you don't … [Read more...]

Recipe: Mushroom-crusted steaks with red wine sauce

After a great book reading event at Third Place Books in Bothell on Monday night, we headed north to Bellingham to do an interview on KVOS-TV. After we arrive, the host says, "Oh, you'll want to set up your stuff, right?" Huh? I thought I was doing an interview. She thought I was gong to do an on-air demo. No problem, Mike and I say. I've got a knife and apron in the car, and we rush over to Fred Meyer to get a cutting … [Read more...]