Soylent – The End of Food? Not So Fast…

Before I get into Soylent, I must first tell you about "meat shirts." You see, my brainy husband, Mike, once semi-joked that Big Food should develop nutrient-laden shirts that a person could wear to absorb their nutrition via their skin, rather than eating.  At the end of the day, you'd just throw the nutrient-depleted shirt away. He mentioned this to our fabulously beautiful and always skinny friend Cherie who doesn't … [Read more...]

Food thought: Seattle Police thought Hempfesters might be hungry

In                 Last November, voters in Washington State agreed to legalize marijuana -- with some caveats that included taxes. This has left Seattle Police in a bit of a bind. Technically, it's legal to smoke pot unless you bought a limit of up to one-ounce from a state-sanctioned outlet -- but there aren't any of those yet and it's still illegal under federal law. (In … [Read more...]

Reader Q&A: What the heck is a SUPER FOOD?

  I keep hearing about "superfoods." What the heck are they and should I care? - Danielle, a reader from Milwaukee   Superfood. You may have seen this mysterious moniker planted on grocery store packaging, promising to prevent cancer, heart disease or any number of ailments. But what exactly is a superfood, and is this buzzword bona fide or food marketing malarkey? Here’s what we know. A superfood is a … [Read more...]

New “Energy Star” style ratings for food?

As anyone familiar with my new book knows, I've developed a habit of following people at supermarkets, and sometimes I talk to them. (Someone on my book tour said this is known as "action research" by behavior scientists. I prefer it to "stalking.") A medical watchdog group is proposing the adoption of "Energy Star" style labels for foods to help battle the confusion caused by existing nutritional labels. I think this is … [Read more...]

The Moral Case Against Foodies: The Foodies Respond

Every so often, someone mocks the execessive nature of "foodies" and the culinary world turns collectively defensive. The most recent offering is a 4,000-word article titled The Moral Case Against Foodies by B.R. Myers published in this month’s issue of The Atlantic. Subtitled "gluttony dressed up as foodie-ism is still gluttony," the story reads like a hit piece. He wanders from topic to topic, from the exotic … [Read more...]

Don’t eat real food; it will kill you

Stories like as The 10 Dirtiest Food That You're Eating frustrate me. While it offers some reasonable advice, the story vaguely implies that eating real, fresh food will kill you, and if it does, it's all your fault. My primary issue with this story is that its main focuses on how to avoid illness when shopping at a supermarket. I have nothing against supermarkets; in fact, I have a weird fascination with the entire … [Read more...]

On Meeting Judith Jones, Aasif Manvi & News from IACP Portland 2010

Honestly, my week at the International Association of Culinary Professionals conference was a bit of a blur. I had spent nearly eight months helping to plan it. When I saw the printed schedule, it reminded me of that surreal moment when I first saw my book in a store. Then, we were off. My conference started with a morning writing session with famed coach Crescrent Dragonwagon. Somehow, I got teamed up with sausage maker … [Read more...]

The Fat Acceptance Movement

Are the obese the new "black?" (Forgive that politically incorrect phrase). The "Fat Acceptance Movement" is working to bring to light discrimination against the weight-challenged, which a Yale University study found is as prevalent as race or gender discrimination. But unlike race or gender, obesity isn't something you're born with -- or is it? Some studies suggest that the overwhelming stress we experience through daily … [Read more...]