Tickets on Sale for the fabulous ‘Burnt Toast Makes You Sing Good’ release party

Viking/Penguin and  Elliott Bay Book Co. are thrilled to announce the official launch party for Burnt Toast Makes You Sing Good, by author Kathleen Flinn (that’s me!). Join us August 14th atop the Swedish Cultural Center overlooking Seattle's beautiful Lake Union. Take in sweeping views of the city and mountains, hang out with Seattle’s culinary and literary crowd, enjoy food, music and entertainment of the 50s, 60, and … [Read more...]

Learn to Cook in My Kitchen – Summer 2014

Did you read "The Kitchen Counter Cooking School" and wish you were among the volunteers? Well, here's your chance. Come build your kitchen confidence in a rare opportunity to take classes right at my very own kitchen counter. I will be offering a handful of classes this summer that will be videotaped and photographed so that others can be taught the same skills online. The live classes will be limited in class size -- … [Read more...]

Soylent – The End of Food? Not So Fast…

Before I get into Soylent, I must first tell you about "meat shirts." You see, my brainy husband, Mike, once semi-joked that Big Food should develop nutrient-laden shirts that a person could wear to absorb their nutrition via their skin, rather than eating.  At the end of the day, you'd just throw the nutrient-depleted shirt away. He mentioned this to our fabulously beautiful and always skinny friend Cherie who doesn't … [Read more...]

Audio: The Pods April Fool’s Day Prank

Thanks to a combination of genetically odd humor and innate competitiveness, my family doesn’t mess around on April Fool’s Day. Rarely does a year go by without someone in my family punking someone else. When I was in my 20s, I called my sister, Sandy, and told her I had eloped. She fell for it. Then, she promptly dialed my mother and told her the same thing. Without missing a beat, my mother replied, “Well, I’m not … [Read more...]

Seattle Gourmet Gift Show Signing: Nov. 9th

If you have yet to hear holiday music, I'd like to know how much rock dwellings are going for these days? Here's a chance to climb out and get some fantastic gifts for your food-minded friends and family. This Saturday, Nov. 9,  join me for Christmas in Seattle Gift and Gourmet Food Show at the Seattle Convention Center. I'll sign copies of my books, The Sharper the Knife, the Less You Cry and The Kitchen Counter Cooking … [Read more...]

It’s Bigger in Texas: A Brief Brisket Journey

I'm writing this as I struggle through meat sweats. I thought this term original until this past weekend, after Mike and I descended upon Austin, Texas, last Friday. Since then, we've headed to a half dozen BBQ outlets, notably Franklin's in town and Louis Mueller's out in the fine town of Taylor some 90 miles away. As if that wasn't enough meat, we then ended up at the Texas Monthly BBQ Fest in Austin where then grazed … [Read more...]

Seattle-wide Lit Crawl Thursday, Oct. 24

So 60 writers walk into a bar.  Kidding - 60 writers will walk into 19 different bars across town on Thursday, Oct. 24 for this year's Lit Crawl. It's an evening of completely free readings starring authors who invite you to "get drunk .... on words." I'll be one of them, reading new work alongside a troupe of talented food scribes for the Farm to Fable portion of the evening, which starts at 8 p.m. at Capitol Cider. … [Read more...]

Food thought: Seattle Police thought Hempfesters might be hungry

In                 Last November, voters in Washington State agreed to legalize marijuana -- with some caveats that included taxes. This has left Seattle Police in a bit of a bind. Technically, it's legal to smoke pot unless you bought a limit of up to one-ounce from a state-sanctioned outlet -- but there aren't any of those yet and it's still illegal under federal law. (In … [Read more...]