Reader Q&A: Why Ditch Table Salt?

I was inspired by The Kitchen Counter Cooking School, but I was wondering why you're so against iodized table salt? I've heard that people need a certain amount of iodine so it is added to salt because it's impossible to get otherwise. Any clarification would be helpful! - Sally B., Madison, Wis. Kathleen says: I've had a few people ask about this, and even one person posted a comment on the site. So let me clarify. I'm … [Read more...]

The 2020 Food Consumer in Eight Trends

Oh sure, lots of people and groups toss about "food trend" statements. But one group has tapped into scientific method to get a longer-term look at what people will want from their food a decade from now. Are they right? Who knows. Like any trends predictor, only time will tell. But what's interesting about this particular set of descriptions is how much it echoes what others are stating, but of course, with a stuffier, … [Read more...]

Food Links: Unprocessed October, Healthy Thanksgiving, Reviews

I offered a guest post (a recipe for baked chicken nuggets) for Andrew Wilder's Eating Rules "October Unprocessed," a challenge to completely avoid processed food for a month. (Disclosure: I did fairly well, but did resort to sandwiches made with processed bread and a few granola bars while on book tour...) His effort resulted in 31 days of great tips and tactics for freeing yourself form the generalized tyranny of … [Read more...]

The Cooking Crisis: How to Get People Off the Couch and Into the Kitchen?

This weekend, Mark Bittman wrote a terrific piece in The New York Times titled "Is Junk Food Really Cheaper?" The arguments and premise -- that no matter how you measure it, home cooking is more affordable and healthy than convenience foods -- essentially summarizes the message of The Kitchen Counter Cooking School which goes on sale this Thursday. Thanks to both government subsidies for big agriculture and … [Read more...]

Food Links: The Rise (and Possible Fall?) of Processed Foods

So, I was perusing "Kitchen Royalty: An illustrated tour of the top chefs (and the many products they endorse) in the food world" by Robert Klara at Adweek the Barnum-like world of brands and chefs. (Thanks to SteamyKitchen for the link.) Looking through his past articles, I also came upon this gem that corresponds perfectly with the new book: "Banquet in a Box: Frozen meals are miracles of convenience—with a dollop of … [Read more...]

Food Links: Great Puttanesca & the High Cost of Top Chef Texas

The amazing Molly O'Neill always has something cool going on. Her latest offering: Food Writing 101, a five-week virtual seminar and lecture series. It's meant to be a virtual boot camp for both beginning food writers and established writers looking to polish their skills.  It's described this way: "Traditionally, writers learned the basics of reporting, writing and pitching their stories in newsrooms, magazines or from … [Read more...]

Food Links: Supermarket tricks, healthy eats, novice bartending

Forget buy-one-get-one-free, the big news in supermarkets are major "stock up" promotions, such as 5-for-$5 and 10-for-$10 are the new supermarket trend to get consumers to buy more. People should pay attention to this kind of supermarket trickery as it's a recipe for food waste and overconsumption.  Collectively, Americans toss about 35% of all the food they buy. There's a rampant obesity crisis which disproportionately … [Read more...]

Food Links: DIY Foods, What’s Wrong with Kids Lunch

So here's the thing that I like about conferences. The panels and keynotes spark a bit of interest, but the real action happens in the hallways or at the hotel bar. BlogherFood in Atlanta last weekend provides an excellent case in point. Bailing out of a session, I wandered outside and smacked right into the women behind the spectacular DIY project Charcutepalooza, two food writers who came up with an idea on Twitter to … [Read more...]