Event: A Vinegar-Filled Evening with author of “Acid Trip”

Vinegar doesn't get enough respect. Most people think of it only as a boring staple for salad dressings. Over the course of this evening with Michael Harlan Turkell, author of the new book "Acid Trip: Travels in the World of Vinegar," I hope to change your perceptions about vinegar forever. We'll be hosting this event in our cool short-term rental apartment with a fabulous kitchen designed by my husband, Michael. will … [Read more...]

Event – Oct 19th: Meet the “Bad” Women who Made an English Book “Big in Japan”

Maybe you’ve heard that I’m Big in Japan. Well, if you’re in Seattle on Thursday, Oct. 19th, you can hear directly from the two women in Japan who made that happen – translator Riko Murai and editor Rie Tanaka. In an event titled “Not Lost in Translation,” I will be sharing a conversation with them via Skype on the complicated, frustrating and courageous journey they shared to bring the Japanese translation of The Kitchen … [Read more...]