Recipe: Coq au vin (chicken braised in wine)

Go ahead. Impress people. Tell them you're making coq au vin. It's just chicken... braised in wine, thus making it fabulous. In its original French inception, the coq referred to a rooster, typically mean old birds who have worn out their welcome in the hen house. The tough nature of their meat required a long simmer time to soften, aided by the sugar in the wine which helps to break it down. Classic recipes include … [Read more...]

Kitchen Shelf: Stephanie Stiavetti

On a hectic day, I sometimes slip quietly over to Stephanie Stiavetti's blog,, a repository for all things comfort food related, to read her musings on life as she spins a recipe for corn on the cob or cassoulet. Her first book is Melt: The Art of Mac and Cheese, co-authored with the wonderful food writer and recipe developer, Garrett McCord. I'm also a fan of his popular food blog, Vanilla Garlic, … [Read more...]

Seattle Gourmet Gift Show Signing: Nov. 9th

If you have yet to hear holiday music, I'd like to know how much rock dwellings are going for these days? Here's a chance to climb out and get some fantastic gifts for your food-minded friends and family. This Saturday, Nov. 9,  join me for Christmas in Seattle Gift and Gourmet Food Show at the Seattle Convention Center. I'll sign copies of my books, The Sharper the Knife, the Less You Cry and The Kitchen Counter Cooking … [Read more...]

Kitchen Shelf: Kathleen’s Favorite Soup Books

Campbell's was right: Soup is good food. But it's even better for you if you make it yourself. If you’re craving more creamy, hearty, vegetable-y happiness by the bowlful, here are some of my favorite soup cookbooks. Be sure to check out my post, How to Make Soup out of (Almost) Anything. Splendid Soups Talk about hearty. James Peterson’s robust 600-plus-pager is a soup lit classic. With almost 300 recipes– from simple … [Read more...]

Seattle-wide Lit Crawl Thursday, Oct. 24

So 60 writers walk into a bar.  Kidding - 60 writers will walk into 19 different bars across town on Thursday, Oct. 24 for this year's Lit Crawl. It's an evening of completely free readings starring authors who invite you to "get drunk .... on words." I'll be one of them, reading new work alongside a troupe of talented food scribes for the Farm to Fable portion of the evening, which starts at 8 p.m. at Capitol Cider. … [Read more...]

Food Day event at Everett Public Library

In honor of Food Day 2013, I'm making a special appearance at Everett Public Library on Wednesday, Oct. 23. Since Food Day is about promoting healthy, affordable food, I'll lead a  comparative tasting of basic kitchen staples, such as salt and canned tomatoes, do a short knife skills demo and discuss what I uncovered about the decline of home cooking while researching for my second book, The Kitchen Counter Cooking … [Read more...]

Fall Food Talks in Anacortes on Oct. 16th

On Wednesday, Oct. 16, I'm participating in the Fall Food Talks series at Potluck Kitchen Studio, a charming kitchen and classroom space in downtown Anacortes, Wash. We'll start off the evening with a comparative tasting of salt and a quick knife skills demo, then I'll talk about some of my past culinary adventures and read a couple selected passages from my new book, a childhood memoir with recipes titled Burnt Toast … [Read more...]

Reader Q&A: What the heck is a SUPER FOOD?

  I keep hearing about "superfoods." What the heck are they and should I care? - Danielle, a reader from Milwaukee   Superfood. You may have seen this mysterious moniker planted on grocery store packaging, promising to prevent cancer, heart disease or any number of ailments. But what exactly is a superfood, and is this buzzword bona fide or food marketing malarkey? Here’s what we know. A superfood is a … [Read more...]