Food Links: Knife making, spam cooking and the diet of Mac users

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Cramer knivesI’ve spent a lot of time on planes recently crisscrossing the country. Thanks to the miracle of in-flight Wi-Fi, this means I’ve spent a lot of time online. Here’s a few nods to stuff I’ve found on my favorite food blogs in the past week.

Recipes I’ve added to my “to cook” file: Greek pita pocket sandwiches from Dianasaur Dishes; quick wok-fired squid with greens from Food52; crispy potato roast from SmittenKitchen; and spicy Thai basil clams from Fat of the Land.

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Kathleen Flinn is the author of "The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry," "The Kitchen Counter Cooking School" and "Burnt Toast Makes You Sing Good." All are published by Viking/Penguin.


  1. Thanks for the links! The PC vs. Mac is amusing. I’m pretty much a Mac.

  2. Kathleen Flinn says:

    I eat like a Mac, but use a PC. Funny, huh?

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