Cake Wrecks

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Arguably one of my very favorite time wasting activities online involves Cake Wrecks. Now, it’s all totally official. New York Times story, proper book. Really, how fabulous, a whole book dedicated to great screw-ups like the above, a cake in which the person ordering it probably said, “Oh, on text, nothing.” Ha!!

I have a total cake wrecks story. I will save it for a future memoir because frankly, it’s just too, well, painful without context. We’re talking a whole chapter of another memoir. So for now, congrats to Jen Yates….

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Kathleen Flinn is the author of “The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry,” “The Kitchen Counter Cooking School” and “Burnt Toast Makes You Sing Good.” All are published by Viking/Penguin.

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